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DVM Techno designs high potential ERP software for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions which can efficiently make data management easy. These CRM and ERP software for education institutes facilitate management and administration team to manage various processes including student enrolment, fees management, library management, study material management, lesson planning, grades and examinations, attendance, and much more functioning within the establishment.

Smart School is a comprehensive and advanced system of management for all educational organisations. It is an online community that also serves as a common platform for teachers, students and parents to interact with each other. It makes use of the advanced technologies in the smartest way possible. This system helps the institutions to run their day-to-day activities with ease. When it comes to their system in school, it helps to track attendance, exams and mainly assists in allocating assignments to the students. This online system of assignment has many benefits. It saves a lot of time and is encouraging for students to do more. Whenever an assignment has been uploaded, they get a notification. Once they are done with assignments, they can submit it and the respective teacher will get a notification. This leads to a speedy evaluation and speedy submission of results. Smart School also has an organised mechanism for storing all these relevant data. It is stored in such a way that it can be used for future reference. It improves results of students and increases the productivity of all the teachers as it takes less time to evaluate. It thus saves a lot of time compared to the traditional method. School Management Software ERP, School Management Software, School Management System, School Management ERP, Online School Management, School ERP Software, School Management Information System, Cloud School Management Software, Cloud School Management System

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